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We believe hearing from others that they "love" Custom Resources products and services is the best infrormation to provide ... so here's what others have had to say:


(Have you used CU? Share your Journey so we can share it with others)

  • Denise Kale, Advisor - talks about using The Marketing Web and Competition University
  • Doug Aubert, Advisor - talks about why he likes using Competition University for his leading students

  • Jerry Whitlock, Advisor - talks about using Competition University for the hands-on experiences
  • Katrina, DECA Student, speaks about her experiences with CU
  • Diane Cerny, Advisor - confirms that CU helped her students succeed & appreciates CU's value

  • Steven, NJ Student VP - thanks Competition University for enhancing his DECA experience
  • Kristen Lidstrom, Advisor - says her students loved Competition University and scored higher on their exams, role plays, and written events
  • Cindy Mitchell, Advisor - talks about CU's help in going from 6 or 7 students making it to ICDC to 18 students with CUs help ... also speaks about surveying her students about CU
  • Bruce, DECA member - talks about CU's process that helped get his mind into competition


(Have you used CU? Share your Journey so we can share it with others) 

From Advisors:

"I just wanted to let you know after our State Career Development Conference I asked my students how they liked the Competition University and if they thought it was helpful.  All of them thought it was useful.  Many of these were first year students so they were not sure what to expect.  I had one girl who has been in DECA for 3 years and has won in Apparel and Accesories the past 2 years.  She said she really liked the modules and it helped her to understand what the judges might be looking for.  I guess I saw our overall average test scores increase about 5-10 percent.  I told my students they needed to have at least 80% of the modules completed to qualify to go to SCDC.  I plan on registering my students next year also.  I will put in a good word to the other advisors at our summer conference."  Cheryl Cranford Evanston High School Evanston, WY

"The kids did awesome and really enjoyed Competition University!"  Dustin Penas, Papillion La Vista South High School, Papillion, NE

 "We have 12 moving on to the ICDC in May..  Many students said your site was very helpful. Thanks,"  Claude Commisso, Herricks High School, New Hyde Park, NY

 "THANK YOU!  The product is awesome!  You have to picture me in a class of kids with everyone doing something different.  The kids on writtens are asking me two and three questions at a time.  The kids on Competition University look like they are glued to the computers.  At first only a few "got it' and were just flying on their own.  They have helped everyone else get started by having verbal outbursts over success or failure on questions or games.  Now the kids are just busy with Competition University.  I have never seen so many people be so focused without any guidance from me.  Competition University is making my life so much more pleasant and less stressful.  I can't wait to see if our test scores are improved!" Thanks, Vicki Hillsman Eldorado Springs MO

"Since we are on a block schedule, I don't have my DECA competitors in class year round.  We count on outside of school meeting times to do our work. We have been having fun giving away prizes to the first who registered and to those who have completed the most modules.  We were able to get more registered during our mock competition last week and we recently emailed parents to encourage them to help as well. Student have been a little overwhelmed when they first get started.  Once they figure it out, the response has been really positive.  We keep telling them it will guarantee their success!  We are hopeful there will be a big push before our District Conference which takes place in a few weeks." Sincerely, Karen Brettinger MN

"I have 45 first and second year DECA students using CU. As a second year teacher, I did not have the resources needed to give students to study for their role plays. CU totally solved that problem; the industry specific modules are complete from start to finish for a new or returning student. There are excellent tutorials, glossaries, core area role plays, and even games and quizzes. There is PLENTY to give students 24 hour study time - at home or at school. As a bonus, as a teacher I can log on and see all student activity and scores and use them as I wish. The best thing about CU is their experience as DECA members/teachers, and their customer service. Their customer service is extraordinary."  Ronda Patrick, Eastside Catholic High School, Sammamish, WA

"The kids did pretty well.  We are a technical school so we RARELY get kids that are a challenge to the academic  students.  Advancing to Nationals is a bit of a problem for us.  This year we earned 2 spots to Nationals. I brought 17 individual/team competitors to States – and all earned at least 1 medal.  I believe that Competition University truly helped them all to focus on the basics – thanks for a great product.  We could say this stuff all day in class, but they seem to prefer to learn it electronically.  Thanks a million – we’ll be back!"  Patty  LeCompte, Monroe Career and Tech, Bartonsville, PA

From an anonymous survey on the CU site - all from Advisors:

CU has been a real help in preparing my students for competition. It is engaging and interactive. It keeps there attention and helps them focus on areas where they may need more support.

Especially for new teachers or first year marketing students - CU gives a great overview and there is LOTS to do. I have found it to be convenient at school and at home (this is a bonus) and the customer service is superb.

This is my first experience with CU and so far it's been great. It is really helping the first year students and giving the veteran students confidence by allowing them to work through the check list of activities.

The kids don't seem to complain when I tell them it is CU time.

We have just finished the overview information which was really good for the younger students that are just starting out. The older students were more engaged and interested in working independently with the computer.

For teachers that are new, or that do not have a closet full of examples, it is excellent.

I have encouraged my students, especially my Marketing 2/3 students, to use CU at home. I am tracking each student with the gradebook to see where they are and how much they have accomplished. I am trying to give them an update and encourage them to use it more outside of class. I have also encouraged them all to follow CU on Facebook.

From Students:

I like how everything on CU is organized and planned out. It is really simple to use which is helpful when you have a lot of other things going on at the same time.

I like it because CU is a structured program built for studying.

I like that CU helps you in your competition area, so you won't be lost when it's time to compete.

Well, I have just started using CU, but it looks really good.I really hope it is resourceful, and I gain alot of competition experience/knowledge from it. Competition University also, makes studying for checkpoints and main subjects needed to be known a whole lot easier!

(Have you used CU? Share your Journey so we can share it with others)



 "Everything is included in The Marketing Web! It is a great resource! You have the best!”   Marketing Instructor, Indiana

"The Marketing Web is a great resource at an affordable price! It effects what I teach daily!"  Marketing Instructor, Oregon

"These Competitive Edge booklets are excellent!" Marketing Instructor, Maine

 “The students loved The Competitive Edge booklets. They were reading them on the bus to our mini CDC without being told to do so! Second year members said they helped them understand the specific performance indicators. Thank you so much for developing the booklets. I almost hate to tell anyone else about them they are so good!”  Competitive Teacher, Missouri

We have heard many positive comments over the years about our first product, The Marketing Web, and our best-seller booklets, The Competitive Edge. Mostly, "I love The Marketing Web, or don't tell any other teacher's about those Competitive Edge booklets ... my student's love them!